[C++-sig] Introduction of myself.

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 8 01:43:08 CEST 2008

Scott Cox wrote:
>     As of now I'm not even sure what your question is. Are you asking for
>     advice on how to wrap a large amount of C++ APIs in Python ? Something
>     else ?
>     Also, I'm not sure I understand your comments "we cannot keep the game
>     open source" and its relevance to the rest of the mail.
>      I was basically asking for help on how to get started. I'm not very 
> intelligent when it comes to programming, I'm feeling my way around a 
> dark room here.
>      If you want me to simplify my question: I've got a very large 
> amount of existing code that I need a python interface for, since I 
> can't give users the C++ code itself. How would I go by creating this?

Approach this from a Python-scripting point-of-view: Start by 
enumerating a set of things you want to be able to do via scripting, 
then figure out their corresponding API in C++ and wrap that. The 
boost.python tutorial will hopefully be of help:


Once this is done, refine.

In any case, this is indeed the task for someone with a medium - strong 
programming background. I'm certainly not the one to ask where you can 
find those in your team.



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