[C++-sig] undefined symbols with def_readonly

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 11 13:40:41 CEST 2008


you haven't commented on whether my (last two) suggestions worked. Did 
they ?

Neal Becker wrote:

>>     pic_wrap
>>       .add_static_property("dimensions_pos", &cl::get_dimensions_pos)
>> Andreas
> Didn't work here.
>     .add_static_property ("TAIL_BITS", &turbo_enc_1_15::TAIL_BITS)
> Still gives 
> ImportError: ../mod/turbo_enc_1_15.so: undefined symbol: _ZN14turbo_enc_1_159TAIL_BITSE

Yes of course. The problem is totally unrelated to boost.python, as I 
tried to explain in my very first reply. It's because you never define 
the static member, so no memory for it is allocated that you can 
dereference (and no associated symbol is emitted). Using its value 
itself works, as the compiler already knows that, so can fold it into 
the expression wherever it occurs.

> But what's _really_ weird, is:
>     .add_static_property ("TAIL_BITS", turbo_enc_1_15::TAIL_BITS)
> gives:
> TypeError: 'int' object is not callable

That suggests that, even though the add_static_property function 
template is generic (read: unconstrained) in its second parameter 
(leading to the construction of a python 'int' object holding 
TAIL_BITS), such an object is not callable (as static properties should 
be). In other words, users are expected to pass function (pointers) or 
similar there, and the implementation of add_static_property just fails 
to enforce that.



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