[C++-sig] how to return arbitrary (python-)objects from boost?

Andreas Klöckner lists at informa.tiker.net
Wed Apr 23 17:04:10 CEST 2008

On Mittwoch 23 April 2008, Joerg Kurlbaum wrote:
> Okay. I've read about converters. But the noddy example isn't very
> helpful. The problem is, i think, that all the types i want to use are
> already there. I have the QImage in C++ and in Python. I want to create
> a QImage in the wrapper code from the image data and return that to the
> python program.

Simple issue: PyQt uses sip to wrap Qt into Python. Boost.Python and sip are 
not on speaking terms. If what you're wrapping involves lots of Qt stuff, sip 
might be a better choice for a wrapper generator.

This, of course, has the obvious "missing feature" implication: Why doesn't BP 
talk to sip? Any sip experts around to comment on what it would take?

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