[C++-sig] Calling reload() or PyImport_ReloadModule on modules implementing Boost.Python extensions

Brandon Kohn blkohn at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 16:13:25 CEST 2008

Hello ladies and gents,

I've been struggling for a day trying to get a system I've built using 
Boost.Python to be able to reload modules which hold python classes which 
derive from a C++ class via Boost.Python. I've tried both the 
PyImport_ReloadModule command and attempting to affect a reload internally 
from python via reload(). Niether has resulted in success. My question to 
the community is if anyone knows if this is even possible from a C++ 
extension with the current Boost.Python library? The code in question 
doesn't involve a recompile of any C++ dlls.. I only want to be able to make 
small changes to python scripts and then be able to reload them and 
reinstantiate associated instances of their classes without restarting my 
application. Is the answer to abandon Boost.Python and just go for a raw 
implementation via the C API?



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