[C++-sig] Adding custom C API functionality to boost.python modules

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 11 16:27:30 CET 2008

Marcus Jannes wrote:
> Well, i can declare/define the function, but how does the boost.python module know of it? 
> Speaking of the part where you call Py_InitModule3(...) in the C API

I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve, and how this relates to 
boost.python (other than the question whether you can mix the 
boost.python with the Python C API).

With boost.python you call


While with Python's C API you would define

extern "C" void inityour_module_name()

You should use one of the two, not both. (Actually, I don't see any 
reason to use the C API to expose the extension module; there are good 
reasons to use boost.python instead.
However, the bodies of the two blocks above may contain any mix of the 
two APIs as you want.



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