[C++-sig] Best practices for C++ project preparation

Oliver Schweitzer oschweitzer at mac.com
Tue Feb 12 12:30:29 CET 2008


I'm using Py++ to Boost.Python-wrap several medium-scale projects/ 
libraries. So far I'm having a good time doing this, learning a lot  
about advanced C++, Boost and Python in the process. A key to Py++ is  
reading the available documentation carefully, there is a lot in it.  
Great stuff.

My questions:

Call policies: There is the odd "deeper" problem popping up, but most  
of my current work at wrapping classes seems to come from having to  
explicitly prescribe Call Policies for several dozen classes. Is there  
a way to adapt design/implementation on the C++ to "help" Py++ at  
guessing a good call policy?

Granularity of Wrapper projects: Having several dozen classes to wrap/ 
expose, what is your experience with organizing wrapper projects/ 
libraries? Close to the source C++ project/namespaces? How many  
Headers/Classes into one Module/Module-Builder? Working exclusive or  
inclusive, i.e. exposing only carefully selected classes/members or  
try to expose all and everything?

One goal is having not ever to touch the Py++-generated code, just  
work in Python and the wrappee lib.

I think that's enough for one mail,

Best regards,


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