[C++-sig] bosst.python Event object wrapped with bp::object()

Joseph Lisee jlisee at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 23:22:51 CET 2008

Alexander Eisenhuth <newsuser <at> stacom-software.de> writes:
> ThreadClass::threadLoop()
> {
> 	...
> 	if (methodeCalled) {
> 		...
> 		this->myEvent.attr("set")();
> 	}
> }

You can't do this.  The Python C API (and therefore Boost.Python's) is not
thread safe.  If threadloop is running in another thread along side the one the
Python interpreter is running in, accessing a Python object at the same time
will result in a crash.

You should wrap a C++ class, which has a set member that can be accessed from
Python.  That way in C++ you can do: "this->myEvent.set();"  Then later in
python you can access the value.


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