[C++-sig] application exit and shared_ptr

Philip Winston pwinston at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 05:14:18 CEST 2008

I understand it is not possible to call Py_Finalize with Boost.Python.
 But is it possible to manually delete all variables from an embedded
interactive interpreter?  Would this be a way to to cause Python to
release any shared_ptrs it is holding on to?

So we return shared_ptrs from our API.  But at exit (and possibly
other times) we'd like to reset the interpreter, so it's no longer
holding any shared_ptrs, so those objects are free to be deleted if no
other references are held.

Some specific excerpts (any other advice welcome):

    m_mainmodule = import("__main__");
    m_namespace = m_mainmodule.attr("__dict__");

    exec("import PyInteractive");
    exec("__pyInteractiveExec = PyInteractive.PyInteractive().executeline");
    m_interactive = extract<object>(m_namespace["__pyInteractiveExec"]);

then we repeatedly call:

S now we'd like to delete all objects the user created interactively
at the prompt.


Philip Winston
pwinston at gmail.com

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