[C++-sig] boost.python not working in Visual Studio 2005?

Nat Goodspeed nat at lindenlab.com
Tue Jun 10 02:04:06 CEST 2008

Grant wrote:

> The compilation goes OK, but I can not import any 
> library into python. The Python interpreter just complian no such library 
> file exist. I check the path should be fine.
> I checked my dll library and the python library, I notice the python2.5 
> library is compiled with VS2003, since it linked to VS2003 runtime. Could 
> that be the problem? Should I compile Python 2.5.2 from source with VS2005?

Did you just change to Python 2.5? You said you're building a .dll 
library? Try renaming that to .pyd. See the last item on this page:

If Python finds the extension module but detects a version mismatch, you 
usually get a different error.

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