[C++-sig] FW: boost.python internal references on basic types

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> Subject: [C++-sig] boost.python internal references on basic types
> Here is my simplified example 
> class Foo
> {
> public:
>     void set_x(int & x) { m_x = x;}
>     const int & get_x() { return m_x; }
>     int m_x;
> };
> {
>    class_<Foo>("Foo")
>        .def("set_x", &Foo::set_x)
>        .def("get_x", &Foo::get_x, 
>              return_internal_reference< >() )
>        ;
> }
> If I replace "int" with a proxy class containing the int 
> everything is ok ; but I would prefer not to change the c++ code.
> Can someone have an idea if what I try to do is possible ?

Remove the "return_internal_reference". Trying to share int references
isn't something Python supports without adding additional hand-crafted
wrapper code.

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