[C++-sig] Problem running the simple Boost Python example

Matthew Kwiec kwiecm at lunainnovations.com
Wed Jun 25 22:19:56 CEST 2008

Never mind I have solved this problem.


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Subject: [C++-sig] Problem running the simple Boost Python example

I cannot seem to get a Boost.Python project to run in Python.  I have compiled the project using bjam from boost_1_33_1 but I cannot seem to figure out how to run it in Python.

Currently in my output folder (which is in bin/boost/libs/python/build/libboost_python.so/gcc/debug/shared-linkable-true/) I have a hello.so, hello.o and a hello.so.1.33.1.

What commands do I use to open these files in python?  I have tried using the import command but it doesn't work with these and I cannot find a suitable way to call these libraries in Python.

I am using boost_1_33_1 because the folks at work here have Debian installed as the OS and they couldn't seem to get 1_34 or 1_35 to compile properly with it.


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