[C++-sig] new to python; old to C++

Alan Baljeu alanbaljeu at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 1 02:23:30 CET 2008

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Alan Baljeu wrote:

>> Question: which python-calling-C++ tool should I try?

>> Wow, quiet group.  I guess I'll try pybindgen first.

>That may be because the question is not quite clear.
>First of all, you should realize that, despite the generic name of this 
>list, this is mostly about boost.python. Second, it isn't clear what you 
>mean by 'tool', i.e., a language binding library ? A code generator ?

I think my question should be quite clear.  I really don't care what kind 
of tool, so much as I'm looking for certain qualities of the solution.  
As I said, ease of use, simplicity, less C++ are priorities. Wrapping 
large libraries, generality are less important.

>As you are on a mostly-boost.python list, I guess the suggestion to use 
>boost.python doesn't come as a surprise. That's the most important part. 
>As far as code-generation is concerned, I have never bothered to use a 
>tool. I write my binding code manually. Your milage may vary...

>      Stefan

Surprisingly, I haven't seen a boost recommendation.  That's probably just
as well since I don't care much for template syntax.

Manually... do you wrap many functions or classes, or only occasional ones?


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