[C++-sig] looking up functions

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 13 16:23:24 CET 2008

Alan Baljeu wrote:
> As best I could figure, I needed to write Python code, execute a 
> script file, get that code to call a C function that I register, in 
> order to have that function.  At least the tutorial implied that was 
> the way.

I'm confused. In your last mail you asked for how to get hold of a 
Python function so you could run it from within C++. Now you want to run 
a C function instead ?

Python is an interpreted language, so you need to read (interpret) the 
code that you then want to run. I asked where the function that you want 
to store and run comes from. If it already exists in a module, you can 
simply import that module (using boost::python::import()), and extract 
the function from it:

object module = import("your_module");
object function = module["your_function"];
function(); // call it

If you don't want to import a module directly, but rather run a script, 
use exec() instead.

I'm not sure how this could be any simpler.



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