[C++-sig] new to python; old to C++

Alan Baljeu alanbaljeu at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 05:54:39 CET 2008

Hi all.  

Question: which python-calling-C++ tool should I try?

I need to use Visual Studio 2005 native C++.  I know some tools use
gcc.  That's fine provided it's for something besides compiling my

I'm looking at Python as a way to accelerate development of a C++ application.  This application uses classes enough, but is largely not object oriented.  My thought is I would identify a bunch of C++ functions to wrap, wrap them, and then use Python to pull together new functionality.  The key to success is to make the C++ aspect of this wrapping as easy as possible.  I don't mean "less work" as much as I mean "obvious work that I'm liable to do right because it's simple".  If this means restrictions on what interfaces I can expose, I can live with that.

Simple means reducing the toolset I need to understand, keeping the input simple, and keeping the output simple.

Above all, "Not crashing" is a priority for me.

 Alan Baljeu

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