[C++-sig] py++ boost::python::object

Pertti Kelloma"ki pertti.kellomaki at tut.fi
Thu Feb 26 09:40:20 CET 2009

Roman Yakovenko kirjoitti:
> 2009/2/26 Борис Казаков <boris.kazakov at gmail.com>:
>> May be there is a way to instruct gccxml not to parse some include file?
> No, GCCXML is almost a complete C++ compiler, with "xml" instead of
> assembler as the backend.

What might be possible is to provide an alternative include file
where the problematic parts are replaced by some dummy code,
and use ifdefs to select which file to include. Suppose
an include file declares X, Y, and Z, and Z is the problematic
part. The alternative file would then declare X and Y in the
same way as previously, and provide a dummy declaration of Z,
and the py++ code would omit Z from the generated bindings.

This involves a lot of manual work and tracking of changes to
the original include file, but I think it would work as a last

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