[C++-sig] py++ boost::python::object

Борис Казаков boris.kazakov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 10:33:06 CET 2009

I was able to solve my problem with the following include file:

#pragma once
#ifndef __GCCXML__
#include <boost/python.hpp>

typedef boost::python::object pyobject;
class pyobject;

pyobject gaussian_diffs(pyobject imarray, double sigma);

Thanks for your help =)
Best regards, Boris.

26 февраля 2009 г. 11:40 пользователь Pertti Kelloma"ki <
pertti.kellomaki at tut.fi> написал:

> Roman Yakovenko kirjoitti:
>> 2009/2/26 Борис Казаков <boris.kazakov at gmail.com>:
>>> May be there is a way to instruct gccxml not to parse some include file?
>> No, GCCXML is almost a complete C++ compiler, with "xml" instead of
>> assembler as the backend.
> What might be possible is to provide an alternative include file
> where the problematic parts are replaced by some dummy code,
> and use ifdefs to select which file to include. Suppose
> an include file declares X, Y, and Z, and Z is the problematic
> part. The alternative file would then declare X and Y in the
> same way as previously, and provide a dummy declaration of Z,
> and the py++ code would omit Z from the generated bindings.
> This involves a lot of manual work and tracking of changes to
> the original include file, but I think it would work as a last
> resort.
> --
> Pertti
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