[C++-sig] Full Cross-Module Support for Boost Python on Windows

Del Robins Del_Robins at symantec.com
Thu Jan 8 18:05:45 CET 2009

Hi all,


I am new to Python and just recently started using boost python to
create some wrappers for some C++  static  libraries.  I have been able
to get most everything to work from the documentation and community
examples. Thank you for your efforts.


 The one issue that I am still hitting is full cross module support for
boost wrapped modules running on windows. I've looked through the past


and have seen conclusions and solutions for platforms other than windows
but have not been able to find a message summarizing a solution on
windows. The  last discussion that I was able to find was from January
of last year





Unfortunately, our build system is using an older version of the boost
libraries; 1.34. I am trying to convince our CM team to upgrade them to
the latest, but I am getting some push back because of a compatibility
issue with the latest regex boost library. Our standard for Python
(2.4.1.) is also a little out of date because of reluctance to move by
our QA folks.


Does anyone know the current state for the full cross-module support on
the windows platform? Has this been solved by anyone? Am I still having
problems because of older libraries?




Del Robins




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