[C++-sig] Full Cross-Module Support for Boost Python on Windows

Del Robins Del_Robins at symantec.com
Fri Jan 9 00:34:43 CET 2009

Sorry, the problem is being able to find classes/types wrapped and
from module A that are used as a parameter/argument type to a function
in module B.
It all works fine when they are in the same module.

You may have hit the nail on the head though, I'm using the static
of the boost libs because of some other conflicts with the runtime dll
another one of our libraries. I will write a test to verify/clarify the

Thanks, Del Robins

--------------Original thread below this
> Hi all,
> I am new to Python and just recently started using boost python to
> create some wrappers for some C++  static  libraries.  I have been
> to get most everything to work from the documentation and community
> examples. Thank you for your efforts.
>  The one issue that I am still hitting is full cross module support
> boost wrapped modules running on windows. I've looked through the past
> discussions

What do you mean by "full cross module support?"  As far as I know, we
do have it, provided you use the DLL version of the Boost.Python

> Does anyone know the current state for the full cross-module support
> the windows platform? Has this been solved by anyone? Am I still
> problems because of older libraries?

You haven't really said what the problem is yet.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing
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