[C++-sig] Boost.Python indexing suite version 2?

Matthew Scouten (TT) Matthew.Scouten at tradingtechnologies.com
Mon Jul 20 19:51:33 CEST 2009

I would like to second this question.

Several times recently, I have needed to wrap STL-like containers that are almost-vectors, just different enough that vector_indexing_suite does not work. This is a minor PITA with the standard indexing_suite and looks like it will be much easier with the new one. Due to technical/political reasons, it is difficult for us to use anything not on the mainline, in a numbered boost distribution. It would be a big help if this got on the mainline.  

Is there still a good reason not to?

PS: Jakob, I have some code that may help with the 'no operator()== problem":

//Thanks to Andreas Klöckner on "Development of Python/C++ integration" <C++-sig at python.org> for this code.
template <class T>
class no_compare_indexing_suite : public bp::vector_indexing_suite<T, false, no_compare_indexing_suite<T> > 
    static bool contains(T &container, typename T::value_type const &key)
        PYTHON_ERROR(PyExc_NotImplementedError, "containment checking not supported on this container"); 

Just use this where you would otherwise use vector_indexing_suite.

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While attempting to wrap a vector of objects where the element class  
doesn't define operator()==, I ran across a mention of a "Version 2"  
of the indexing suite from 2003:


While it's mentioned on the Py++ page, it doesn't seem to have made it  
in to the main boost distribution in the intervening 5 years. Can  
anyone tell me what happened to this project?

Jakob van Santen
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