[C++-sig] py++ and indexing_v2

james at goldwater.org.uk james at goldwater.org.uk
Tue May 19 14:40:06 CEST 2009

When I use py++ (1.0.0) with indexing_suite_version = 2 to wrap std::set<string> etc, it generates code which doesn't compile out of the box.  The code from the boost sandbox puts various definitions in the boost::python::indexing_v2 namespace, and the header files in boost/python/suite/indexing_v2.

However, py++ generates code that assumes that the sandbox code is in the boost trunk namespace (bp::indexing) and filestructure (boost/python/suite/indexing).  It's easy to either fix-up the generated code, or edit the sandbox code and merge it into trunk, but I'd rather keep to published code rather than commit the project to our own version of boost or add another step to the code generation.

Is there a way of telling py++ to use the different namespace and directory?  Or am I misunderstanding some things?

Thanks for any help


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