[C++-sig] RuntimeError on import from use of bases<>

Craig S. Bosma craig.bosma at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 22:03:20 CET 2009


I'm having a difficult time debugging an issue with boost.python  
bindings under OS X 10.6 -- the same bindings have been working fine  
under windows.

On import of my module, I get an exception caught by python:

 > RuntimeError: unidentifiable C++ exception

which I've traced down as far as the use of a bases<> entry in my  
class_ definition. If I remove the bases<> entry, it works, but of  
course removing all inheiritance from the module isn't an option.  
Furthermore, it seems that any (so far) use of bases<> in this module  
causes the problem, while in another module (wrapping another library)  
classes deriving from others via bases<> work normally.

Any thoughts on what could case this type of failure?


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