[C++-sig] Anyone have Py++ working on a Mac?

Roman Yakovenko roman.yakovenko at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 21:55:04 CEST 2009

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 9:49 PM, Randolph Fritz <rfritz333 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2009-09-30, Roman Yakovenko <roman.yakovenko at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2009/9/30 Randolph Fritz <rfritz333 at gmail.com>:
>>> As the title says.
>> Do you have a problem?
>> In the past, few people reported that they successfully used Py++ and
>> pygccxml on this platform.
> Do you have any specifics?


> I was hoping to learn from other people's
> experience before I tried to use it.  There's no Mac release or
> instructions, so I'm not even sure I can get it to work.

I don't have instructions for Linux and Windows. Both Py++ and
pygccxml are pure Python packages and should work "ok" on any
platform. I suggest you to start with GCCXML. If you will be able to
install it, I am sure you will success with the rest.

Roman Yakovenko
C++ Python language binding

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