[C++-sig] a working example of container_proxy?

Václav Šmilauer eudoxos at arcig.cz
Tue Jul 13 17:47:55 CEST 2010


I would like to wrap several std::vector containers using a proxy so
that changing an element like obj[3]=3 will propagate back to c++. I
found container_proxy in the indexing_suite v2 at

I spend a long time to find a working example of that (very nice and
handy) template on the web without success; and I admit I am lost in
reading its source, unable to figure it out myself.

Is there an example that shows a very simple case of wrapping e.g.
std::vector<int> using the proxy_container? I imagine it will be only a
few lines. Or can I get an example here?

Many thanks,


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