[C++-sig] Wanted: Examples of boost.python embedded usage

Philip Jonientz - NEXPLORE AG pj at nexplore.ch
Tue Jul 20 13:40:33 CEST 2010

Hi there

This one is actually with stackless python, but he's using the same boost.python you would use with standart cpython.
If you skip the whole setting up part for linux there are some samples on how to create function wrappers and so on...
This tutorial really helped me(Even if this is stackless python I think it might help you too).



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I am new to boost.python ( and to Python ) and need to demonstrate embedding Python code in a C++ application.

I would like to pass data to a Python function from C++ and retrieve the result.

Please can anyone suggest a tutorial that would show me how to do this please?

Best regards


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