[C++-sig] Status of Numpy support in boost python

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 8 19:29:01 CET 2010

On 03/08/2010 01:20 PM, Jim Bosch wrote:
> I have fairly complete library along these lines that I have been slowly
> cleaning up for public release, and I could probably submit a fairly
> complete proposal over the next few weeks if there is interest.  It's
> met my needs quite well over the past few years, but I think it would
> benefit from input from the community.
> Is there someplace standard for hosting/publishing extensions to
> boost.python that I should be aware of?  What I would consider a compute
> Numpy interface is probably not something that should be added into the
> main boost.python library itself (and I think it would need it's own
> shared library if done properly).

Oh, interesting. I have written a PyArray wrapper myself, and it is only 
a single header right now.

For a full library I would certainly suggest the sandbox. There we may 
discuss, and then merge into trunk as we see fits.
(I'd suggest boost/sandbox/numpy for this.)



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