[C++-sig] Status of Numpy support in boost python

Jim Bosch talljimbo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 19:35:45 CET 2010

On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 11:53 -0500, Neal Becker wrote:
> No luck with boost-1.42.  fedora-12 boost-1.39 seems OK.
> Lots of errors, like:
> /usr/local/src/boost.hg/boost/fusion/container/vector/convert.hpp: In 
> instantiation of 
> 'boost::fusion::result_of::as_vector<boost::fusion::iterator_range<boost::fusion::vector_iterator<boost::fusion::vector0<void>, 
> 0>, boost::fusion::vector_iterator<boost::fusion::vector0<void>, 
> -0x00000000000000001> > >':
> tests/ndarray.cc: In member function 'void casts::test_method()':
> tests/ndarray.cc:109: error: no match for 'operator[]' in 
> 'd[ndarray::View<SeqT>::operator()() const [with SeqT = 
> boost::fusion::vector2<ndarray::detail::FullDim, ndarray::detail::SliceDim>]
> ()]'

Just to keep everyone following this thread sane, I'd like to point out
that this refers to my ndarray C++ library, *not* what I put in the
boost sandbox; the latter is much simpler, much more
boost.python-specific, and generally lower-level.  I'd like it to morph
into something that could be included as an optional part of
boost.python, and I'd ultimately like to rewrite the Python-interfacing
parts of my ndarray library to make use of it.

That said, thanks for the heads-up on the compile failures in ndarray,
Neil - I've been using boost 1.40, and it looks like I've got some work
to do to make it compatible with later releases.  I'll keep the list
posted on my progress, and I'll look into making some examples as well.


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