[C++-sig] Abstract class instances to-python conversion

Valentin Perrelle valentin.perrelle at orange.fr
Mon Aug 1 12:00:49 CEST 2011

> All of that sounds sounds.  But at what point were you trying to 
> register a to-python converter?  It sounded like you were trying to do 
> that before importing the module, and since a to-python converter is 
> by definition C++, I didn't understand how you could do it in a Python 
> script before importing the module.

I'm registering the converter by calling the boost::python::import 
function in C++ code. I don't know any other way to do that.

Now, this give me another error. I'm trying to implement a "reload 
script" feature. I thought that all i had to do was to call Py_Finalize, 
then Py_Initialize again, and to remove any references i was holding to 
wrapping classes. But whenever i'm importing my extension again, i get 
the runtime error:

Assertion failed: slot->m_to_python == 0, file 
libs\python\src\converter\registry.cpp, line 212

which means my to_python converter have been registered once again. Is 
there a way to unregister them ? should i find a to not initialize the 
extension again ?

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