[C++-sig] Abstract class instances to-python conversion

Valentin Perrelle valentin.perrelle at orange.fr
Mon Aug 1 13:38:27 CEST 2011

Le 01/08/2011 13:19, Simon Warg a écrit :
> In My program I need to unload modules as well. What I do is remove all references to the particular module and it will be unloaded.
It seems i didn't achieve to do that. There should be some references i 
can't remove, i don't know why yet.

> Are you using boost python for python 2 or 3? If it's the latter it is safe to use Py_Finalize()! I use it myself!
I'm using Python 3. But the problem of unregistered converters is still 
there. See 

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