[C++-sig] New Major-Release Boost.Python Development

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Thu Aug 25 23:25:52 CEST 2011

On 08/25/2011 04:59 PM, Jim Bosch wrote:
> To that end, I'm inclined to copy the library to somewhere else
> (possibly the boost sandbox, but more likely a separate site), work on
> it, produce some minor releases, and re-submit it to Boost for review.
> Perhaps the external site would continue on as the home of more
> fine-grained releases, or maybe we would fully reintegrate with Boost
> at that point (especially if Boost addresses some of its own project
> management and release control issues by that point, which I know is
> being discussed but to my knowledge doesn't really have a timeline yet).


this is an interesting idea. There has been lots of general (dare I say
generic ?) discussion concerning process improvements (which
unfortunately most of the time diverted into tool discussions). Among
the fundamental issues is a modularization of boost.
I think it would be great if boost.python could follow through on its
own, by becoming a separate entity. Thus, I'm fully supportive of such a

> - For the original Boost.Python developers and current maintainers,
> and other people familiar with developing Boost libraries: do you have
> any preference on how to approach this?  I don't want to step on any
> toes, especially toes attached to people who are responsible for the
> excellent library we already have.

I think branching off and moving to a separate site seems a fair choice.
It would be great to "come back" under the "Boost.org" umbrella once
that will be possible, i.e. once the Boost.org structure allows for
that. (In the sake of progress I'm refraining from voicing my personal
preferences for tools or hosting sites. I'm sure I can learn and adapt
to whatever gets agreed on.)

> - For other Boost.Python experts on this list: do you have existing
> code or development time you'd like to contribute?

I'd definitely like to help. I have a wishlist of my own for
improvements that I'd like to see, and which I'd be happy to share and
work on.



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