[C++-sig] A very strange behaviour of Boost (Mingw, gcc 4.5)

Niall Douglas s_sourceforge at nedprod.com
Fri Jun 10 19:47:55 CEST 2011

> > Or you could stick with an older version of Mingw and wait till
> > someone else fixes the problem. Or use MSVC.
> Not really an option; GCC 4 gave us a factor 3 performance improvement
> over GCC 3, which we really need, and we're not really MSVC people. 

Ah that's a useful clue - I patched symbol visibility into what 
became GCC v4.0. I bet what's happened is that the PE outputting GCC 
doesn't have support for this new feature, or it's been borked.

BTW MSVC is little different to GCC when used via the command line 
e.g. using Boost Jam, Makefiles or scons. It's also free of cost via 
Visual Studio Express.

> > BTW, debugging exception throws is a royal PITA. There ought to be
> > some debug code in the GCC runtime if I remember, you could try
> > turning that on and it will print each stage of what it does when you
> > throw and/or rethrow an exception.
> OK Thanks for all the tips. Basically, this is not a Boost issue so I'll
> have to follow the GCC bug track :) 

Last time I was involved with GCC the PE backend was definitely low 
priority. I hope it's changed since, but since Visual Studio became 
free of charge a lot of fire has vanished from PE producing GCC.

Best of luck,

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