[C++-sig] Crash at shutdown

Gennadiy Rozental rogeeff at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:57:49 CET 2012


I need help with a crash I observe both on windows and Linux. I admit my use
case is somewhat complicated, but that's reality. So, my problem consists form 3
components. Let's call them A, B, and C:

A is Python *extension* library (dll/so). This is really just an infrastructure
layer which helps with developing Python extensions like B+C. I am using Python
2.6 BTW.

B is entry point into huge extension library which consists of multiple dlls/sos
(one of them is C). This is also dll/so.

C is library within my project, which is responsible for communication with
Python *embedded* scripts. C is using Boost.Python to export some number of
symbols into Python, but the issue occurs with just one as well. C is linked
with Boost.Python library and Python interpreter

Now imagine that I have a Python script which does essentially this:

import A

I run this script and observe a crash at Python shutdown. Here are more details
about what going on in this script.

Line 1 loads Python extension
Line 2 loads library B using dlopen
Line 3 loads library C using dlopen
Object B is being released. This is done in two steps. First we invoke
B.shutdown()  which unloads C from memory using dlclose and next B is unloaded
from memory using dlclose
A is unloaded
Python interpreter is shut down

The crash occurs at the very last step in rather obscure place within Python
interpreter shutdown routines.

I found there are several "changes", which prevent the crash from happening:

1. I can stop exporting Boost.Python symbols in C
2. I can skip unloading C from B.shutdown()
3. I can link in C with B. This results in line 2 loading both B and C together.
Line 3 does nothing. B.shutdown() does nothing and C is unloaded along with B
when we call dlclose on B.

At this point I am inclined to believe that something like this is happening:

when I execute Boost.Python export statement in C it adds some records in
Boost.Python and Python interpreter. When C is unloaded from memory somehow
these records are not being cleaned up. By the time we get to clean this records
C is already unloaded from memory and either Boost.Python or Python interpreter
corrupt the memory.

Any help is appreciated,

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