[C++-sig] Wrapping a function that takes class type, such as type_info

Jim Bosch talljimbo at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 04:56:57 CET 2012

On 02/24/2012 02:31 AM, Adam Preble wrote:
> Jim,
> I'll top post since I think this might get messy nice and fast
> otherwise.  I found I couldn't get to a method wrapped to type a
> PyTypeObject* and only PyObject* would do.

Yeah, that's not surprising.  You can also have it take a 
boost::python::object; that's essentially a smart pointer for PyObject*.

> if(PyObject_IsInstance((PyObject*) internal_type, noIdea) == 1)

I think this is the only line that needs to change; you just need to use 
PyObject_IsSubClass instead of PyObject_IsInstance.

Right now you're asking whether "internal_type" is an instance of 
"noIdea", so the answer is only True when "noIdea" is "type".

I think you want to ask whether "internal_type" is a subclass of 
"noIdea".  And that's just:

if (PyObject_IsInstance((PyObject*)internal_type, noIdea) == 1)


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