[C++-sig] Segmentation Fault with Boost.Python and Inheritance

Niall Douglas s_sourceforge at nedprod.com
Fri May 18 20:37:08 CEST 2012

It's especially useful to know because this list can expect the same 
problem to be reported as a bug in BPL repeatedly from now on :)

Did you submit the bug to GCC's bugzilla, and if you did do you have 
a link?

If you didn't, submitting it and having it rejected is worth doing 
just so we can link to the bug from here.


On 18 May 2012 at 20:28, Jonas Wielicki wrote:

> On 18.05.2012 19:47, Niall Douglas wrote:
> > So it was a bug in GCC after all. Useful to know.
> Sorry that I forgot to mention. I was pretty sure it was the GCC after I
> tried with two different Boost versions and the very same code was
> running fine on gcc 4.6.3 platforms. It is not 100% bulletproof, but I
> guess its the GCCs fault.
> -- 
> Jonas
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