[C++-sig] boost::python with virtual inheritance and g++ c++0x/11 (testcase attached)

Jonas Wielicki j.wielicki at sotecware.net
Sat May 19 12:01:33 CEST 2012

Okay, due to the other thread over there, I came back to this topic even
after I reverted to fedora 16 due to some other issues (they actually
removed ddate. Still cannot believe!)

I am working on a bugreport for the gcc folks right now, and during that
I came across the release notes for gcc 4.7[1] and found the following.

However, it seems that the actual problematic code is located in the
libboost itself. I am wondering how to report that properly. The gcc
folks want the -save-temps flag, but I really do not look through the
boost build system enough to know which file is to be built with the
correct option to get the result the gcc folks want. Any pointers here?

Its somewhere about inheritance.cpp:405.


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