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Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Jan 30 05:09:06 CET 2003

    >> "Handle Unicode" probably doesn't mean messing with encoding/decoding
    >> issues though.  Let the user deal with them.

    Andrew> But the C code will care if it's passed a unicode string (which,
    Andrew> I understand, are not 8 bits per character - typically 16
    Andrew> bits). And the escape_char, etc, will be 16 bits. I understand
    Andrew> that some of the other C modules are compiled twice and #define
    Andrew> tricks are used to produce two versions that perform optimally
    Andrew> on their respective string type.

In the C code can't you just look up "split", "join", "__add__" and such and
not care that you are dealing with string or unicode objects?  Even better,
can't you just make heavy use of the abstract interface which implements
many of the things that are trivial in Python code?

    >> Now to see about Mailman 2.1...

    Andrew> Did you try my suggestion? I have a vague memory of there being
    Andrew> an earlier version of Mailman that forgot to create that file.

Yup.  Now there's an empty csv.mbox file available on the web...

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