[Csv] Devil in the details, including the small one between delimiters and quotechars

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
Fri Jan 31 00:57:04 CET 2003

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew McNamara <andrewm at object-craft.com.au> writes:

>> >>> p.parse('1,"not quoted" ,"quoted"') ['1', 'not quoted ',
>> 'quoted']
>> Hmmm...  I think this is wrong.  You treated " as the quote
>> character but tacked the space onto the field even though it
>> occurred after the " which should have terminated the field.  I
>> would have expected:

Andrew> "Wrong" it might be, but that's what Excel does...

I thought so.

How are we going to go about building up some dialect test cases?

>> Damn, yeah.  Maybe we have overspecified the parameter set.  Do we
>> need both strict and skipinitialspaces?  I'd say keep strict and
>> dump skipinitialspaces, then define fairly precisely what to do
>> when strict==False.

Andrew> I'd go for fine grained in the back end module - remember we
Andrew> have the "dialects" stuff to hide the complexity from the
Andrew> average user.

Andrew> If anything, strict should be broken up so a given flag only
Andrew> enables one feature.

+1 I agree with that.

Until we have a few dialects and a test suite we should hold off on
trying to lock down all of the parameters.  That would be placing the
cart before the horse in my opinion.

- Dave


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