[Cython] GSoC Proposal - Reimplement C modules in CPython's standard library in Cython.

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Tue Apr 12 08:42:29 CEST 2011

Arthur de Souza Ribeiro, 08.04.2011 02:43:
> 2011/4/7 Robert Bradshaw
>> What I'd like to see is an implementation of a single simple but not
>> entirely trivial (e.g. not math) module, passing regression tests with
>> comprable if not better speed than the current C version (though I
>> think it'd probably make sense to start out with the Python version
>> and optimize that). E.g. http://docs.python.org/library/json.html
>> looks like a good candidate. That should only take 8 hours or so,
>> maybe two days at most, given your background. I'm not expecting
>> anything before the application deadline, but if you could whip
>> something like this out in the next week to point to that would help
>> your application out immensely. In fact, one of the Python
>> foundation's requirements is that students submit a patch before being
>> accepted, and this would knock out that requirement and give you a
>> chance to prove yourself. Create an account on https://github.com and
>> commit your code into a new repository there.
> I will start the implementation of json module right now. I created my
> github account and as soon as I have code implemented I will send repository
> link.

Any news on this? We're currently discussing which of the Cython-related 
projects to mentor. It's likely that not all of our projects will get 
accepted, so if you could get us a good initial idea about your work, we'd 
have a stronger incentive to value yours over the others.


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