[Cython] GSoC Proposal - Reimplement C modules in CPython's standard library in Cython.

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Tue Apr 12 17:33:49 CEST 2011

Den 12.04.2011 14:59, skrev Arthur de Souza Ribeiro:
> 1 - Compile package modules - json module is inside a package (files: 
> __init__.py, decoder.py, encoder.py, decoder.py) is there a way to 
> generate the cython modules just like its get generated by cython?

I'll propose these 10 guidelines:

1. The major concern is to replace the manual use of Python C API with 
Cython.  We aim to improve correctness and readability, not speed.

2. Replacing plain C with Cython for readability is less important, 
sometimes even discourged. If you do, it's ok to leverage on Python 
container types if it makes the code concise and readable, even if it 
will sacrifice some speed.

3. Use exceptions instead of C style error checks: It's better to ask 
forgiveness than permission.

4. Use exceptions correctly. All resourse C allocation belongs in 
__cinit__. All C resource deallocation belongs in __dealloc__. Remember 
that exceptions can cause resource leaks if you don't. Wrap all resource 
allocation in an extension type. Never use functions like malloc or 
fopen directly in your Cython code, except in a __cinit__ method.

5. We should keep as much of the code in Python as we can. Replacing 
Python with Cython for speed is less important. Only the parts that will 
really benefit from static typing should be changed to Cython.

6. Leave the __init__.py file as it is. A Python package is allowed 
contain a mix of Python source files and Cython extension libraries.

7. Be careful to release the GIL whenever appropriate, and never release 
it otherwise. Don't yield the GIL just because you can, it does not come 
for free, even with a single thread.

8. Use the Python and C standard libraries whenever you can.  Don't 
re-invent the wheel. Don't use system dependent APIs when the standard 
libraries declare a common interface. Callbacks to Python are ok.

9. Write code that will work correctly on 32 and 64 bit systems, big- or 
little-endian. Know your C: Py_intptr_t can contain a pointer. 
Py_ssize_t can represent the largest array size allowed. Py_intptr_t and 
Py_ssize_t can have different size. The native array offset can be 
different from Py_ssize_t, for which a common example is AMD64.

10. Don't clutter the namespace, use pxd includes. Short source files 
are preferred to long. Simple is better than complex. Keep the source 
nice and tidy.


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