[Cython] object to struct conversion

Robert Bradshaw robertwb at math.washington.edu
Fri Aug 5 08:53:12 CEST 2011

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 2:09 PM, mark florisson
<markflorisson88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3 August 2011 19:36, Robert Bradshaw <robertwb at math.washington.edu> wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 9:20 AM, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at behnel.de> wrote:
>>> mark florisson, 03.08.2011 16:28:
>>>> Is there any specific reason objects cannot coerce to structs (from
>>>> e.g. dicts?). It would be convenient for memoryviews, then you could
>>>> assign dicts (or any mapping) to items in the memoryview from Python
>>>> space. You could also have structs as argument to def functions etc.
>>>> Any objection to this addition? The implementation is pretty
>>>> straightforward.
>>> Robert implemented these things a while ago. I think I recall that there
>>> were unsupported use cases, but I'm not sure what exactly is missing here.
>> It just simply wasn't implemented yet.
>> - Robert
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> Ok, thanks guys, it's implemented in _memview:
> https://github.com/markflorisson88/cython/commit/6a2560b5b151a788ed11671663c833b6de6daccd#L4R1
> BTW, my hudson sdist keeps failing with
> writing manifest file 'MANIFEST'
> making hard links in Cython-0.14.1+...
> hard linking COPYING.txt -> Cython-0.14.1+
> error: File exists

I'm not sure. I removed that directory entirely and scheduled another
build; we'll see if that helps.

> any idea what that is all about? Are these hudson scripts available for perusal?

Yes, but you need to have an account. We'd be happy to set you up with
one (though I thought you already had access).

- Robert

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