[Cython] CmdLine.py refactoring

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sun Aug 7 16:21:06 CEST 2011

Stefano, 07.08.2011 14:06:
> I've cloned GitHub repo and started working on it.

Will you put it up somewhere on github?

> First, I'm rewriting
> Compiler/CmdLine.py to use the optparse/argparse module.

That would help in keeping the command line help messages up to date with 
the actually supported options, but given that the current implementation 
"ain't broken", it's certainly not a priority to us.

I'm also not sure how well this will fit in, given that the default options 
are stored in Main.py and don't belong in CmdLine.py as the command line is 
only one of the ways to run Cython. I'd prefer not to duplicate too much of 
that setup.

> Then I'll try to
> address the Bugzilla ticket mentioned in the source file.

That's the "-r" option for recursive compilation of dependencies. I don't 
think it'll be all that easy to fix, but I think this would totally be 
worth a try. It may be easier to implement now that we have 
Cython.Build.Dependencies and friends.

Personally, I'd recommend starting with something like that, instead of 
putting too much effort into the command line parser (which changes pretty 
rarely these days).

BTW, it seems that trac is currently broken, so I can't actually look up 
the ticket.

> Question: optparse has been deprecated since 2.7 (which adopts optparse
> module). So, which one to choose? Old one, or new one? Or should I work on a
> fallback system?

argparse is new and not supported by anything but 2.7 and recent 3.x 
versions. Cython currently runs on Python 2.4, which rules out a dependency 
on argparse. I never tried it, so I can't tell what exactly the advantages 
over optparse are. They certainly can't be big enough to make up for a 
duplicate implementation of Cython's cmd line parser.


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