[Cython] CmdLine.py refactoring

Stefano stefano.k.sanfilippo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 12:13:52 CEST 2011

Tuesday 9th August 2011 10:15:14, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> However, I also see the problem that optparse is deprecated and may get 
> removed in a future 3.x version. So, switching to optparse now means that 
> we may have to switch to something else later, whereas that's not the case 
> with the current code, however clumsy and low-level it may be.

I've fixed the glitches, now both versions (argparse and optparse) are 
supported. Still, optparse's code performs a bit faster and doesn't need a 
couple of HACKs that are necessary for optparse's code to run. If all tests 
perform correctly, I'll merge the branch into master.

So, no upgrade problems, nor optparse embedding issues :)

I did want to rewrite the module beacuse I think that clarity of 
implementation should win over milliseconds of speed. Which, I think, is the 
very same spirit on which Python is founded.



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