[Cython] Problems with decorated methods in cdef classes

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sun Aug 14 17:02:19 CEST 2011


I've taken another stab at #593 and changed the way decorators are 
currently evaluated.



We previously had

     def func(): pass

turn into this:

     def func(): pass
     func = deco(func)

Note how this binds the name more than once and even looks it up in 
between, which is problematic in class scopes and some other special cases. 
For example, this doesn't work:

class Foo(object):
     def x(self):
     def x(self, value):

because "x.setter" is looked up *after* binding the second function "x" to 
its method name, thus overwriting the initial property.

The correct way to do it is to create the function object in a temp, pass 
it through the decorator call chain, and then assign whatever result this 
produces to the method name. This works nicely, but it triggered a crash in 
problematic code of another test case, namely "closure_decorators_T478". 
That test does this:

def print_args(func):
     def f(*args, **kwds):
         print "args", args, "kwds", kwds
         return func(*args, **kwds)
     return f

cdef class Num:
     def is_prime(self, bint print_factors=False):

Now, the problem is that Cython considers "is_prime" to be a method of a 
cdef class, although it actually is not. It's only an arbitrary function 
that happens to be defined inside of a cdef class body and that happens to 
be *called* by a method, namely "f". It now crashes for me because the 
"self" argument is not being passed into is_prime() as a C method argument 
when called by the wrapper function - and that's correct, because it's not 
a method call but a regular function call at that point.

The correct way to fix this is to turn all decorated methods in cdef 
classes into plain functions. However, this has huge drawbacks, especially 
that the first argument ('self') can no longer be typed as the surrounding 
extension type. But, after all, you could do this:

def swap_args(func):
     def f(*args):
         return func(*args[::-1])
     return f

cdef class Num:
     def is_prime(arg, self):

I'm not sure what to make of this. Does it make sense to go this route? Or 
does anyone see a way to make this "mostly" work, e.g. by somehow 
restricting cdef classes and their methods? Or should we just add runtime 
checks to prevent bad behaviour of decorators?


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