[Cython] Welcome to cython-devel at python.org

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Feb 14 09:17:57 CET 2011

Berthold Hoellmann, 14.02.2011 09:08:
> Stefan Behnel writes:
>> welcome to the new mailing list at python.org that replaces the original
>> list cython-dev at codespeak.net.
> Will this list also be made avaliable via gmane as newsgroup
> "gmane.comp.python.cython.devel"?

I've already requested an address change last week but didn't get a 
response over the weekend. It seems that it's not enough to copy over their 
subscription address. Maybe they ignore e-mails to that address that are 
not directed at the specific mailing list address they know. I hope it'll 
get fixed up soon.


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