[Cython] Fwd: Re: Cython builds on various Debian platforms

Yaroslav Halchenko lists at onerussian.com
Fri Feb 18 19:31:34 CET 2011

And here are the first fruits:  unittests fail on some platforms (also I
have forgotten that $HOME is not guarantee to be writable, but that is
a pure packaging-related side-point):

All logs are available from

armel, powerpc, s390 (hppa is not yet done but probably the same) -- big endians:

e.g. https://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=cython;ver=0.14.1-3;arch=armel;stamp=1298052709

I could be wrong but it seems they all boil down to
 FAIL: Doctest: dictintindex.__test__.test_get_char_neg (line 1)
 so the others fail as well, e.g.
 FAIL: Doctest: c_int_types_T255
 FAIL: Doctest: c_int_types_T255.__test__.test_char (line 90)
 FAIL: Doctest: dictintindex.__test__.test_get_char_neg (line 1)

otherwise -- amazingly nice ;-)

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> > > | AssertionError
> > > `---
> > > what could be done about it or should it be excluded?

> > I've pushed some fixes. Now this testcase should run from ancient
> > Python 2.3 to head Python 3.2, both for static and sharedlib builds
> > (but not in Windows).

> first of all THANKS for the patch -- I picked it up into 0.14.1-2 debian
> package.  Now tests are enabled and I just uploaded 0.14.1-2 into Debian
> -- lets see how it would go across architectures ;-)

> 2nd -- THANKS for ...:  at first I got confused why I saw no commits
> since Dec in HG clone of Cython I had, and then mentioned that you
> moved to using GIT and github.  Awesome and thank you for taking care
> about my sanity (although unintentionally I guess ;) )
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