[Cython] (was: Cython .pxd introspection: listing defined constants)

W. Trevor King wking at drexel.edu
Fri Feb 25 02:42:30 CET 2011

W. Trevor King, 22.02.2011 18:55:
> I've been working on a more explicit parser that removes the
> ambiguity behind the various visibilities.  This will help me ensure
> proper impolementation of my cdef-ed enums/structs/..., and make it
> easier to update visibility syntax in the future.  Take a look and
> let me know if you think this is a useful direction to take:

The refactoring continues as I'm moving my new binding classes into
Symtab.  This is, of course, leading to lots of changes, but I've been
running the test suite before each commit to make sure I don't go to
far astray.  Anything I miss will eventually lead to a better test
suite ;).

I'm currently writing up new versions of most Scope methods that use
my classes, and I'll replace the original methods once I've updated
all the code that calls them.  Next on the list will be the Nodes
themselves, at which point I think I'll be positioned to put in the
`cdef struct` and whatnot that got this whole thing started.

Since there has been a fair amount of churn, I though I'd ask for some
more feedback on the general direction I'm headed:


As I said in my previous response to Stefan, I don't really care what
the attributes in my classes are called, or how the attributes are
partitioned between them.  With the current Scope work, I'm leaning
towards a single Bindings class that subclasses all of my current
bindings, since I have found very few cases where an entire class of
nodes only needs one of the bindings, and if we have to pass them all
around together, they might as well be a single class.  The current
names only appear in my new code, so sed & friends will make it easy
to tweak things later.

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