[Cython] Utility Codes and templates

Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn at astro.uio.no
Fri Jul 22 20:06:50 CEST 2011

On 07/22/2011 06:48 PM, Hoyt Koepke wrote:
> I know I'm a little late to the discussion, but I've been meaning to
> ask about a feature like this myself.
> As a point of information, Mako (http://www.makotemplates.org/) might
> be a bit heavyweight for embedding in cython (I don't know for sure;
> haven't looked at the source).  One
> selling point, however, is that it is already used with cython code in
> scipy (see,
> e.g., https://github.com/scipy/scipy/blob/master/scipy/interpolate/interpnd.pyx).


I spoke with Pauli about this and he just picked it because it's one he 
already knew. If they need to start using the template system during the 
build they'd probably switch to something like Tempita. And in SciPy for 
.NET there's thousands of lines of Tempita code written (well, 
generated) by yours truly, they may eventually be merged back, at which 
point the volume of Tempita code in SciPy trumps the volume of Mako code.

Dag Sverre

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