[Cython] Differing Cython-0.14.1.tar.gz files

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Mar 7 08:54:02 CET 2011

Ryan Schmidt, 07.03.2011 08:25:
> I went back to check the 0.13 distfiles as well. The contents there are clearly different as well; the distfile on www.cython.org is 630K while the one on pypi.python.org is 808K. Here, the difference is that the distfile on pypi.python.org contains these additional files vs. the one on www.cython.org:
> Cython/Compiler/Scanning.c
> Cython/Compiler/Visitor.c
> Cython/Plex/Scanners.c
> Cython/Runtime/refnanny.c

These are not needed, although they shouldn't hurt.

> Demos/embed/embedded
> Demos/embed/embedded.c
> Demos/embed/embedded.o

These shouldn't be in the sdist. I guess they were built during the test 
run, though. They should be excluded in the MANIFEST.in file.

> The 0.14 distfiles also differed between the two servers, although only in the composition of the tar.gz file; the contents are identical.

Good to know. Thanks for checking and reporting this.


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