[Cython] OpenMP support

Sturla Molden sturla at molden.no
Tue Mar 8 20:24:51 CET 2011

Den 08.03.2011 20:13, skrev Francesc Alted:
> And another problem that should be taken in account is that MS Visual
> Studio does not offer OpenMP in the Express edition (the free, as in
> beer, one).

Which is why one should get the Windows 7 SDK instead :-)

> As I see this, if we could stick using just Python threads, that would
> be our best bet for having a good adoption of future Cython parallel
> capabilities.

Yes, if they are there, we have threads. If they are not, we don't.

We don't need to assume anything about the platform, libraries, etc. 
It's all taken care of by Python.

> In the case that we need dealing with a low-level C-API
> thread library, I'd use pthreads, with a possible light wrapper for
> using it from the Windows thread API on Windows machines.

pthreads are available on Windows as well.


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