[Cython] OpenMP support

Francesc Alted faltet at pytables.org
Fri Mar 11 19:03:13 CET 2011

A Friday 11 March 2011 11:42:26 Matej Laitl escrigué:
> I'm strongly for implementing thin and low-level support for OpenMP
> at the first place instead of (ab?)using it to implement high-level
> threading API.

My opinion on this continues to be -1.  I'm afraid that difficult access 
to OpenMP on Windows platforms (lack of OpenMP in MSVC Express is, as I 
see it, a major showstopper, although perhaps GCC 4.x on Win is stable 
enough already, I don't know) would prevent of *true* portability of 
OpenMP-powered Cython programs.

IMHO, going to the native Python threads + possibly new Cython syntax is 
a better venue.  But I'd like to be proved that the problem for Win is 
not that grave...

Francesc Alted

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