[Cython] Rewriting/compiling parts of CPython's stdlib in Cython

Craig Citro craigcitro at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 08:11:09 CET 2011

> We have a clear 1.0 goal, being able to compile the full Python
> language. We're not there yet, but very close. It may make sense at
> that point to also clean up any cruft we don't want to continue
> supporting forever. I agree, until that point, there's no way we would
> be a Python development dependency.

Are we aiming for 100% compatibility, or 99.9%? For instance, I seem to 
recall a few dark corners we aren't planning on covering -- maybe some 
details of traceback construction? (I want to say multiple inheritance, too, 
but I think that's only an issue for cdef classes, right?) I think it would 
be good to have this written down -- in particular, it seems like there's 
some momentum right now for clearly delineating "Python language semantics" 
vs. "CPython implementation detail" in the python-devel community, so it 
might be a particularly good time to raise these questions.

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